July 25, 2008

Here's the miata back in position in the shop. We're going to try to make a push and complete the engine removal before moving to the new garage on August 1. Took about half the day to get Archie's engine hoist put together.

Re-removed the seat and the back-of-the-seat brace bar and took out the carpet that covered the aft firewall for a better view of where the rear battery box will go.

Here's an exciting view of me using the impact wrench to remove a cover plate.

Carefully storing the bolts.

A sequence showing the plate being reomoved.

The next victim is a plate that gives access to the top of the gas tank.

Finally, this small plate covers the fuel filler area (where it leads into the gas tank.

Next I got the car up on jack stands.

According to the shop manual the first thing you want to do is depressurize the fuel system before starting to pull the engine. Their method is to start the engine and pull the fuel pump relay; with the fuel pump not running fuel pressure quickly drops to zero and the engine stalls. The relay is behind the access panel under the steering column. Discovered some very non-stock screws had been put into this panel.