July 26, 2008

Realized that I have direct access to the fuel pump wiring so I put the supposed fuel pump relay back (the car wouldn't start with it out -- but I couldn't pull it while she was running (really awkwardly placed). Pulled the wire off the fuel pump while the car was running and she coughed to a stop after 10 or 12 seconds. I'm much more satisfied that the fuel system is properly depressurized.

Disconnected the battery and then moved under the car. I'm pulling the radiator as I think that will provide a bit more space and make it easier to get the engine out (plus it's gotta come out sometime anyway!) The shop manual says to start by removing the plastic undertray beneath the engine. I broke two bolt heads off during this process. The one in this picture of the area under the front right wheel arch isn't even one of the ones that holds the undertray -- I put my wrench on an adjacent but unrelated bolthead (I think its part of a bracket for the antisway bar) and SNAP!

Here I'm pointing a pen at another bolt that broke under the left wheel arch.

This hardware is for the liner that seals the front of the wheel well. These liners had to also be removed because the last bolts on the engine undertray are behind them.

Many grunts and groans later, the radiator lies on the garage floor -- utterly defeated!

Here is that offensive engine undertray. For good measure I also took the air filter, air mass flow sensor and plenum (the red stuff), which I believe is non-stock, off at this point.

Here are both of the front wheel arch linings (forward sections)

Added the hood prop and a drive belt for the AC compressor to the previous pile which now sits next to a pile of...

... all the air conditioning related junk from the engine compartment.

That certainly looks like a lot more space! But note that that anti-sway bar is rather squarely in-the-way.

Suzanne helped me remove the hood before calling it quits for the day.