July 27, 2008

The manual said to remove the vacuum connection to the manifold, but since I probably won't have my vacuum system anywhere near the same place I decided to pull the whole chunk of piping. This was somewhat complicated because the hose includes a one-way valve so there was still vacuum in the servo (which was sucking the hose rather firmly into place!) of course I didn't realize that until it finally came loose with a giant sucking sound (apologies to Ross Perot).

This is a lame attempt at documenting all the vacuum (or at least black rubber hoses that look like vacuum) connections along the right side of the engine. (Later, I found out some of these are gas lines.)

I also removed a lot of electrical connectors today but apparently forgot to document them photographically. I suppose it's a good idea that nearly every connector is different from all the others (on reassmbly it'd be pretty tough to get any of them mismatched) but it sure makes taking the whole harness off a pain -- every connector seems to have some slightly different trick, some tab that needs to be pushed (or pulled) (or tickled slightly), a button or a pair of buttons or ... well, you get the idea. I finally got them all undone.