July 29, 2008

Separated power steering pump from the engine. This brings up an interesting question. There are at least 3 options for steering.

  1. Run the PS pump off the back end of the motor. There's a short accessory shaft there for just such purpose, but I'm not crazy about this option.
  2. Get a little 12 volt motor and couple it to the pump. This seems less stoopid than option 1, but I'm still not a fan...
  3. Replace the power steering rack with a manual steering rack. I'm leaning towards this option even though it may make the car less apt at autocross -- mostly 'cause I can't really picture myself racing this car.

The manual suggested removing the manifold support bracket to improve access to the wiring for the alternator and the starter motor.

This is either the alternator or the starter motors main connection. (Note: on closer inspection, it's for the starter.)

This litle boot for the starter motor's main connection broke off.

Removed the hoses to the heater core.

The ground connection for the motor.

Front cross brace.

Heat shield for exhaust manifold.