Friday, June 20

Today I moved my own drill press down to Huey's shop. Added a chunk of plywood, C-clamped to the table to get that big drill press feel. I should be a bit less cramped than in my basement and perhaps production of these cell carriers will go faster. On the other hand, perhaps not. When I got to the shop Richard was there and we spent almost two hours chewing the fat.

While I was working on other things, I set up the first 12 volt battery for an initial charging. I have this automotive charger that can be set for three different charge levels -- 200 amps for starting a car, 35 amps for a quick charge, and 2 amps trickle charge. My cells should really be charged at 3 amps, but the 2 amp setting ought to be close enough.

After about 1/2 an hour I checked-up on the charging process with my DVM. The voltage was already up to 13.65 volts. I put the meter in series with the charge current and measured .67 amps of current -- not quite as advertised...

If I have to charge at .67 amps each battery will take 45 hours!