September 12, 2008

I've cleaned up considerably, and taken measures so that flaking paint from my basement wall doesn't end up in my transmission. Any more of it I mean.

A few lengths of perforated steel rails turn my bearing puller into a super-deluxe, extra-long-reach bearing puller!

This little ball-detent in a hole went unmentioned in the shop manual.

More use for my custom made locknut ring un-deformer.

This is a 41mm (almost exactly 1-5/8") nut that is sort of central to getting the rest of the tranny apart. It is in a recess and about 2 feet of shaft protrudes out of it. The shop manual suggests using a chisel against the corners of the hex and tapping it around with a hammer. After trying that procedure I can tell you that that the nut is fairly tight. It seemed to think my attempts at "tapping it around" were somehow humorous.

I don't think I like that nut.