Felis Arborealis

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Each Felis Arborealis(TM) cat tree is a custom-made work of art. Our goal is two-fold: to create an artistic piece that melds with one's interior design (provided that one's esthetic views are somewhat eclectic...) AND to create a living-space / playground for your feline cohabitants.

Felis Arborealis(TM) cat trees are sculpted from fallen wood that is meticulously inspected for "passengers" but never treated with insecticides.

Felis Arborealis(TM) cat trees can be customized in many ways. We can add tunnels, hammocks and special scratch pads. You can request your favorite type of wood, or just express a "bark" / "no bark" preference. We normally use a navy blue carpet for padding the platforms, but variety is the spice of life -- just ask.

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